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Why "RASTAFUSION", what does "fusion" mean, you may say.

It means, according to the dictionnary; "Unite", "put Together", "Integrate", used mostly in a technological sense, but We have chosen this name to express our Aim to Unite all Rastafari Universally.

We have decided to create a non-profit association in Paris, France. The aim of this association shall be to promote and help out artists, especially young, to perform their arts. We wish to be here to encourage and support. To help Our fellow Brothers and Sisters to make a way, whether they are musicians, writers, sculptors, painters, artisans - Our fellow members of the community.

We would love to organize concerts and sound systems around Europe (to start with...), and particularily bring over artists from Jamaica, there are so many creative Sisters and Brothers on this Earth and We feel we are not getting to fully enjoy their skills and We are missing out on those important messages that reggae - the rootical music is carrying.

We now have "tools" like the internet, and We should use those tools in a positive way.
We should use them for learning and teaching, exchanging ideas.
Exchange cultural thoughts and most of all, reason in a community style.
We are calling all Rastafari to get together and practice Social Living. This is what JAH taught Us
( see "Haile Selassie" for important utterances and speeches).
We are now asking all fellow members in Our community that feel they are willing to do "Jah work" to contact us & to make a contribution towards the
"Movement of Jah People".

We accept all contributions ; ideas, linking up, educational issues & matters are more than welcome. Books, pamphlets, internet sites that you find interesting and think that others should share. Basically - anything positive for learning and going forward. Make working together a goal !

His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I even mentions the term "fusion", in one of His speeches, talking about all educational instances supposed to "fusion" their work. He saw the importance of the Community working as One - InI.

InI = I & Jah

We should now practice these teachings given to Us by the Almighty.

Praise His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I
King of Kings
Lord of Lords
Conquering Lion of Judah


Sista Suzie - Webmaster - tel: +33 (0) 610 17 34 74
Brother Latef - Nyahbinghi education - tel: +33 (0) 609 76 84 88
Bruno Blum - Author, musician - tel: +33 (0) 662 71 76 47
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