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This page has been created I-niquely to give inspiration & education.
We must fight against Ignorance !.

Recommended lecture to One and Ones:

  • The Bible
  • Kebra Nagast (The Glory of Kings), Brooks (Michael), Jamaïque, Kingston Publishers Limited, 1995, 196 p.
  • For God and Emperor, Hanson (Herbert & Della), Californie, Pacific Press, 1958, 188 p.
  • Downbeat special Studio One Album Discography, Chapman (Rob), Paignton, Devon, Royaume Uni, 1996, 54 p.
  • Peter Tosh : Honorary Citizen, Steffens (Roger), New York, Sony/Columbia/Legacy, 1997, 59 p.
  • The Reggae Rough Guide, Barrow (Steve), Dalton (Peter), Rough Guides/Penguin, 1997, 395 p.
  • The Story of Jamaican Music, Barrow (Steve), Londres, Island, 1993, 65 p.
  • The Guinness Who's Who Of Reggae,
  • Our page with links to bookstores I-niversally.... Give thanks.


Websites on Africa, Haile Selassie & Rastafari :

    Like the Sound of its name...
    Educational & interesting site on His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I.
    Books & Items Rastafari. Roots. Raspect !
    "The House of Slaves", Goray Island (Sénégal). Interview & citations by M. Joseph Ndiaye.
    A MUST for ALL !!!

Websites on Reggae:

    The official site of Bob Marley & The Wailers, articles "Tuff Gong", the Marley.Museum etc.
    looked after by Rita Marley & her children
    No comment on this legendary group having accompanied Bob Marley until his death, and still on their I-tinual mission. Raspect !!!
    Roger Steffens website. "Collectionneur" of records, journaliste, author on Bob Marley amongst other reggae artists.... Founder of the "Beat" magazine that now exists since18 years.
    Raspect to RasRoJah !

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